Senior Drivers – Register For a Driving Assessment

What is a Senior Driver Assessment?

A Senior Driver Assessment is a standardised driving assessment carried out by a driving school that is a Registered Driving School with SDA and reported to you or a referrer (medical practitioner, your family member or friend) from the SDA website.  

It costs $199 incl. GST.  Following payment, you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a time for the assessment.

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To register, read our Terms and Conditions and if you agree, tick the box and press “next” below:


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How does it work?

The process is as follows:

  1. You register on this website and pay the fee of $199 (incl. GST).
  2. You enter your postcode and are connected with a driving school who will undertake the assessment.
  3. The driving school submits the assessment into our system.
  4. We generate a report that is emailed to you and the referrer.
  5. We pay the driving school.

Note, in the case that your doctor refers you, the doctor will make the final decision as to changes to your driving status.