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Senior Driver Assessments provides driving assessments specifically designed for seniors, with the goal of ensuring that you can continue driving safely on the road. Our assessments are tailored to evaluate your driving abilities, taking into account your age and any health conditions that may affect your performance. Our focus is on helping you maintain your independence while ensuring that you are driving safely and confidently.

Senior Driver Assessments (SDA)

  • In many states across Australia, drivers who are 75 years or older are required to undergo an annual medical assessment from their doctor to retain their driver’s license. This assessment is designed to ensure that older drivers can continue to drive safely and confidently on the road, taking into account any age-related health conditions that may affect their driving abilities. By undergoing these assessments, older drivers can demonstrate their commitment to road safety and maintain their driving privileges.
  • If you fall under this category, your general practitioner (GP) may require you to undergo a driving assessment before issuing your medical certificate. The assessment is designed to evaluate your driving abilities and ensure that you can continue to drive safely on the road, despite any age-related health conditions that may affect your performance. By undergoing these assessments, you can demonstrate your commitment to road safety and ensure that you can maintain your driving privileges.

What is A Senior Driver Assessment?

A Senior Driver Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your driving skills and performance, conducted by a licensed driving assessor who is a Registered Driving School with Senior Driver Assessments (SDA). The assessments are typically conducted on the streets that you drive on a regular basis, starting from your home.

The driving assessor will pick you up at your home and take you on a test drive. During the assessment, the assessor will observe your driving and may ask you some questions to gain a better understanding of your abilities. They will then complete a detailed assessment report, which will be submitted online to your GP. You will also receive a copy of the report for your own records.

Once the assessment is complete, the driving assessor will return you to your starting location. At Senior Driver Assessments, we understand the importance of ensuring that you can continue to drive safely and confidently on the road, and our assessments are designed to help you do just that.


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