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SDA offers Driving Assessments for Seniors, to help them stay on the road and stay safe

Senior Driver Assessments

  • Do you have concerns about an older friend or family member’s driving? An SDA Senior Drivers Assessment will give you peace of mind
  • Would you like an independent and impartial expert to professionally asses your senior family member or friend’s fitness to drive?

What is a Senior Driver Assessment?

A Senior Driver Assessment is:

  • Carried out by a licensed driving assessor who is a Registered Driving School with SDA
  • Assessments are commonly conducted from the senior’s home on the streets they drive every day
  • The driving assessor will pick them up and take them for a test drive. During this time they will observe their driving, perhaps ask questions, and fill out an assessment
  • At the end of the assessment they will return your family member to where they were picked up from
  • The assessor will then submit the assessment online and the assessment report will be sent to you and will be copied to your senior.



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Resources For Family & Friends

The Importance and Benefits of Driving Fitness Assessments for Seniors in Australia

As the population in Australia continues to age, the number of older drivers on the road is increasing. While many seniors are able to drive safely well into their golden years, age-related changes can affect their driving abilities. To ensure the safety of older drivers, their passengers, and other road users, driving fitness assessments have […]

As they get older it is important for our family members and friends to stay independent and a large part of this is driving a car. But along with this come additional responsibilities and requirements to ensure that they and other drivers stay safe.

In most states in Australia, once they reach 75 years of age laws and requirements kick in requiring them to obtain from their medical professional (generally their GP) a medical certificate which they must renew each year. Their GP will assess them to determine whether they can obtain the medical certificate and keep their licence, and part of this assessment may include a driving assessment. This is where SDA comes in. SDA can give your loved one a driving assessment which your GP can use to help decide if you are still safe to drive.

Alternatively you yourself may feel the need for your loved one to have their driving assessed.

What’s the process?

  • Prior to their 75th birthday a form will be sent to them from their local Government. It will be for their doctor to complete – this is the medical certificate which they must have with them when they drive
  • Complete the form and take it to their doctor. The doctor will then assess your senior family member or friend.
  • The doctor may refer them to this website to book a Senior Driving Assessment
  • They will be matched with one of our local SDA Registered Driving Schools.
  • They will contact your loved one to book an assessment and organise the time.
  • The assessor will pick them up and do the assessment
  • The assessor submits an assessment report online which is sent back to your GP or to you if you have registered your senior.

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