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Become a Registered Driving School with SDA

Become a Registered Driving School with SDA and help keep seniors driving and safe on our roads.  

Senior Driver Assesments (SDA)

  • SDA provides standardised driving assessments for seniors completed by driving schools that are registered with us
  • Be a part of our network of Registered Driving Schools to provide our assessments and receive bookings.

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What is a Senior Driver Assessment?

A Senior Driver Assessment is a standardised assessment carried out by a driving school that is a Registered Driving School with SDA.  You may already provide a similar assessment for senior drivers.  This is different: we provide  a formal standardised assessment which is completed by you, and reported directly to the person (often the medical professional) who requested it.  

How does it work?

The process is as follows:

  1. The senior registers on the website and is connected to you, a local Registered Driving School.
  2. You arrange a driving assessment directly with the senior and undertake the assessment with them
  3. You submit a report which is sent to the person requesting the assessment
  4. You invoice for prompt payment.

The assessment you complete consists of a checklist with answers YES or NO, with an overall recommendation of whether the senior is safe to drive or not and you can add any other comments too.   Note, the doctor will make the final decision as to changes to the seniors driving status.

How much does it cost?

At this time there is no cost to…

become a Registered Driving School.


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The process for driving schools:

  1. You register on this website at no cost. You will be the Administrator for your driving school.
  2. We review and approve your application. You can then access the system.
  3. You input your driving instructors (including yourself if you are one), their names, details etc.
  4. Your instructors receive an email advising they can access the system and asking them to set a password. They can then access the system.
  5. As Admin, you receive assessments from the SDA website.
  6. You assign these to an instructor through the system.
  7. The instructor then gets access to the Assessment for that Senior, which they can fill in during the assessment.
  8. The assessment is submitted at the end of the drive, and it is sent to whoever referred the Senior to the website, and is copied to the Senior.

The Importance and Benefits of Driving Fitness Assessments for Seniors in Australia

As the population in Australia continues to age, the number of older drivers on the road is increasing. While many seniors are able to drive safely well into their golden years, age-related changes can affect their driving abilities. To ensure the safety of older drivers, their passengers, and other road users, driving fitness assessments have […]

As they get older it is important that our seniors stay independent and a large part of this is driving a car. But along with this come additional responsibilities and requirements to ensure that they and other drivers stay safe.

In most states in Australia, once they reach 75 years of age laws and requirements kick in requiring the senior to obtain from their medical professional (generally their GP) a medical certificate which they must renew each year. The GP will assess them to determine whether they can obtain the medical certificate and keep their licence, and part of this assessment may include a driving assessment. This is where SDA comes in. This is where you can help.