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Helping you assess seniors’ fitness to drive

SDA helps you to assess your senior patient’s competence to drive.

Ensure that their driving skillset remains sufficient to retain their driver’s licence. That’s peace of mind.
  • You may require that person to undertake a driving assessment as part of your medical review
When you refer your patient to SDA you can be sure that they will receive a standardised, independent driving assessment to help you to make an informed decision about your patients ability to drive



What is A Senior Driver Assessment?

A Senior Driver Assessment is a standardised driving  assessment carried out by a licensed driving assessor who is a Registered Driving School with SDA.   The assessment is:

  • Standardised
  • Independent

You can either refer the senior patient to this website using our referral letter template, or you or your staff may register your patients on this website directly.

What do you get?

You receive an emailed report containing the driving assessors responses to all 26 questions of the assessment, as well as an overall recommendation on whether the senior is “safe to drive”, with general comments from the assessor.

What does it cost?

The assessment fee of $199 is paid by the senior when they register for the assessment on this website.  There is no charge to the medical professional.

What is the process?

The process is as follows:

  1. You or your Practice Nurse refers the senior to our website for a standardised Senior Driver Assessment.   Use our referral letter template or other material. 
  2. The senior registers on the website and is connected to a local SDA Registered Driving School.
  3. A driving assessment is arranged and completed
  4. The assessor submits a report which is sent to your nominated email address

You will make the final decision as to changes to the seniors driving status.


Need help or more information?

Do you need more information on how SDA can help you or your senior patients?

Request a call back from our Medical Director:

    The Importance and Benefits of Driving Fitness Assessments for Seniors in Australia

    As the population in Australia continues to age, the number of older drivers on the road is increasing. While many seniors are able to drive safely well into their golden years, age-related changes can affect their driving abilities. To ensure the safety of older drivers, their passengers, and other road users, driving fitness assessments have […]

    You will be aware, more than anyone, that as they get older it is important for our seniors to stay independent and a large part of this is driving a car. But along with this come additional responsibilities and requirements to ensure that they and other drivers stay safe.

    In most states in Australia, once they reach 75 years of age laws and requirements kick in requiring seniors to obtain from you a medical certificate which they must renew each year. You will assess them to determine whether they can obtain or retain the medical certificate and keep their licence, and part of this assessment may include a driving assessment. This is where SDA comes in. SDA can give you peace of mind by providing an independent and standardised driving assessment to help you with your decision-making.

    Helping you decide if your senior patient is still safe to drive.