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SDA helps seniors drive safer and longer 

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Are you a senior driver?

Has your GP or other medical professional referred you for a driving assessment?
Are you concerned about your own driving and want to get an assessment?

Are you a medical professional?

SDA helps you to assess your senior patient’s competence to drive and that their skill set remains sufficient to retain their driver’s licence.

SDA provides standardised driving assessments especially designed for the assessment of seniors.

Are you a friend or family of a senior driver?

Do you have concerns about an older friend or family member’s driving?

Would you like an independent and impartial expert to professionally assess your senior family member or friend’s fitness to drive?

What is a Senior Driver Assessment?

Senior Driver Assessments provides a standardised driving assessment for seniors, carried out by one of our Registered Driving Schools. A Senior Driver Assessment is just that – a 26 point checklist which covers all aspects of driver safety and can be used as part of a GPs or other medical professionals’ assessment of a senior patient’s suitability to drive, especially for patients over the age where a legal assessment and/or medical certificate is required for retention of their driver’s licence.

How does it work?

  • A medical professional, family member, friend or the senior driver themselves registers for an assessment on this website
  • The driver is contacted by one of our Registered Driving Schools
  • A driving assessor will take the senior driver on a test drive, complete the assessment and submit an online report to the medical professional detailing the results of the assessment, along with a general recommendation on whether the senior driver is safe to drive or not
  • It is the medical professional’s decision as to whether the senior driver can keep their licence, but a Senior Driver Assessment will provide practical input on whether the senior is “safe to drive”
  • If a family member or friend registered the senior driver then they will receive the Assessment report