Resources For Medical Professionals

Resources For Medical Professionals

Welcome to our website’s page dedicated to providing medical professionals with valuable and useful resources about senior drivers. As the population ages, it becomes increasingly important for medical professionals to have access to reliable information and resources to help them assess and manage the driving ability of their elderly patients. Our goal is to provide medical professionals with a comprehensive list of resources that can help them navigate this complex issue and make informed decisions regarding their patients’ driving ability. Whether you are a physician, nurse, occupational therapist, or other healthcare provider, we hope that you will find the resources on this page helpful in your practice:

Assessing Fitness-To-Drive among Older Drivers: A Comparative Analysis of Potential Alternatives to on-Road Driving Test

By: Yongjun Shen,1,2,* Onaira Zahoor,1 Xu Tan,1 Muhammad Usama,1 and Tom Brijs2, 2020

Driving assessments for older adult patients: Interviews with general practitioners to gauge current strategies and future directions

By: Erin McKernan Su Yin Denise Chia Victoria Traynor Nadine Veerhuis Karen McNeil Constance Dimity Pond, 2022

Assessing fitness to drive in older people: the need for an evidence-based toolkit in general practice

By: Katharine A Wallis, James Matthews, Geoffrey K Spurling, 2020

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    The Importance and Benefits of Driving Fitness Assessments for Seniors in Australia

    As the population in Australia continues to age, the number of older drivers on the road is increasing. While many seniors are able to drive safely well into their golden years, age-related changes can affect their driving abilities. To ensure the safety of older drivers, their passengers, and other road users, driving fitness assessments have […]